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Tailored Funding Windows

The H2Global mechanism was designed to allow the configuration and implementation of individually designed funding windows. Aligned with individual objectives of the funding body, specific parameters will be determined for each window (modular principle):

  • The green product(s) to be promoted: e.g. hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, jet fuel;
  • The geographical application of the funding instrument: regional (e.g. Europe) or country window; global award procedure;
  • Product requirements and sustainability criteria for production, transport, and off-take.

The modular approach of individual funding windows provides a range of advantages and makes H2Global a more flexible and dynamic mechanism compared to common subsidy schemes. It allows H2Global to focus on stimulating a targeted market ramp-up for specific technologies and products in line with the funders’ priorities. Doing so, H2Global is open to a broad spectrum of technologies and products and contributes to an economic diversification. The modular approach allows scaling up the H2Global mechanism and the financial support, thereby extending the volume of PtX products placed on the market and multiplying the catalytic effect. As such, H2Global is perfectly positioned to place green products on the market and initiate the green transformation towards a CO2-neutral future.

Funding source of the first H2Global window is the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). In line with the objectives of the German government's economic stimulus program, H2Global will establish foreign trade partnerships with countries in which green hydrogen can be produced efficiently due to their geographical location. In addition, green technologies will be established in partner countries where the local energy transition will be supported, and a contribution will be made to meet the massive demand for PtX products in Germany and Europe. The BMWK is providing funding of EUR 900 Mio. Effects that are indirectly promoted by H2Global are, for example, the development of PtX infrastructure, market models and supply chains that do not yet exist for explicitly green products.

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